Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bittersweet Ending

Apr. 16

I apologize for being missing in action for a long time. A lot has happens since I got back to the States so I haven't officially post a closure to the blog.

To a bittersweet ending,
The experience abroad has truly been phenomenal and I wish I have the opportunity to do it all over again. I have posted more pictures of my time in Austria on the School of Business' Facebook Page you guys should go check them out! ---> Hospitality and Tourism Management

Until Next Time,
Gina Bui

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Improvised Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 26
It is hard being away from home for the Thanksgiving holiday. I really missed my family and friends but you can't just not celebrate the holiday. So...being the great chef that I am, there was not a big Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, Kim (also a hospitality and tourism student) and I made turkey shaped cookies! How awesome is that?!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Miss You All,
Gina Bui
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Close to Home

Nov. 23

Hm.....why is everything in English? People here speaks English, too. Am I dreaming? *pinches myself* "OUCH! That hurts." (T.T)  Does that mean we are back home? Nope! Not even close. We are in London!

Arriving at Stansted Airport in London, Patrick and I took the bus to Victoria Station. It is took approximately 2hrs. for us to reach our destination. We checked-in at the hostel where we will be staying at for the next 4 days and decided to head out for dinner. 

We went to Garfunkel and I had the soup of the day follow by dessert. It was delicious. :)

Soup of the Day ^^
Strawberry Sundae
After dinner, it was around midnight and we were both tired from the trip so we went back. At the hostel, we met some really cool people. One guy recommend that we should head to Piccadilly Circus. To get there all we had to do is take the London Underground from Victoria Station to Green Park and change train to Piccadilly Circus. 

Arriving at Piccadilly Circus, we had breakfast at McDonald. I know what you are thinking..."they are in London and they are eating McDonald?!" Well, the only thing that was open at the time there was McDonald so we didn't really have a choice. But to my surprise, it was really good.  

Big Breakfast in London
After breakfast, we walked around and took pictures before going on the "Original Tour."

Center of Piccadilly Circus

The Original Tour is London's most famous and oldest double-decker bus sightseeing company. The thing I found neat about this tour company has a hop-on, hop off feature. An example is that we can get off at Buckingham Palace, walk around for half an hour, and when we return a bus there to pick us up.  
Her Majesty's Theater

National Gallery

Entrance to Buckingham Palace

Justerini & Brooks - Scotch Whisky

For the Economic Professors at CBU

Marble Arch

Channel 4 - In honor of the Paralympics
Westminster Abbey

Big Ben
The London Eye
The following images are taken when we were on the London Eye :)

London's Sea LifeAquarium

Royal Courts of Justice

St. Paul Cathedral
Tower of London
This concludes the end of day 2 in London. I can not wait until the next day because Britney is coming! She is studying in Barcelona and we decided to meet up!
She is here!
Lunch at TGI's Friday
The classic telephone booth 
Help! Britney is going to attack me because I took too long.
 Just Kidding!

This concludes day 3 of our trip. 

Our last day in London, was spent at Piccadilly Circus. I thought to myself, "this trip was too short! I wish we could of spend more time here." That is until ..... we started souvenir shopping. I didn't realize the extent of how expensive the £ is compare to the $ until I actually started spending. 

Before heading back to the hostel and pack for our return, we wanted to try London's pastries and enjoy some coffee. 

Cafe Latte and Cake: Bittersweet Ending

London Underground : Until Next Time :)
Gina Bui

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